Skullcraic is a weekly Magic: The Gathering digest podcast where three competitive Dublin grinders bring you a breakdown of all the latest Magic news and speculation.

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    64 - The Podcast Reborn

    We're back! Through the magic of the internet, Skullcraic has been reborn and will be back giving your weekly dose of Magic news and tournament report through the lens of three spikes from Ireland (via Vietnam). This week we're talking about the newest spoilers from Ravnica Allegiance including our own personal Top 3's of the set. Our Tournament Report is a quick rundown of the team RPTQ that Ciaran and Alan were preparing for when last we left them, as well as a warning to the listeners to check your travel documents before you go to the airport! Our deck of the week is a spicy Grixis Control list that David has been playing to great effect in Arena ranked Bo1! There's a great write-up on the deck in the Spikes subreddit here.

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    63 - The Arrival of Horse Tribal

    This week we've got a bunch of new M19 cards to talk about, and Ciarán and Al go over their plans for the team unified RPTQ. In our deck of the week, we have a very surprising appearance of a certain Goblin...

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    62 - ...And Doesn't Stop

    This week, we've got a whole host of surprise spoilers for Core Set 2019 to go over, as well as the results from GP Copenhagen. Our Deck of the Week is B/R control, as piloted by Thoralf Severin to an 11-4 finish at Copenhagen.

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    61 - Chainwhirler Gets Moving

    This week, we're talking all about Pro Tour Dominaria, and the fact that Goblin Chainwhirler is EVERYWHERE! We start to discuss Team Alan's plans for the team unified standard RPTQ, and give a bonanza of tournament reports, including two modern tournaments and a team draft! Our Deck of the Week is UG Karn! Womp Womp.

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    60 - Pro Tour "Spaghetti Maze"

    This week, we're catching up with the latest Announcements as well as going over a few of our favourite spoilers from Battlebond. We touch on our feelings about the different formats in Magic at the moment, and our Deck of the Week is the best of both worlds, a Vintage deck with some powerful Standard cards! Stay tuned after the outro for coverage of the actual best Magic format!

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    59 - All Topdecks are Topdecks

    We're back from a brief hiatus, and we're talking all Standard, all the time (well, we actually talk about Legacy a bit too)! We go over our experiences at Grand Prix Birmingham, leading into metagame shifts and another glorious PPTQ win for Al! Our Deck of the Week is the deck that has taken the metagame by storm: the controlling, mirror-beating B/R Vehicles!

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    58 - A Standard Trifecta

    This week on Skullcraic we're talking a little about the wonderful new dual lands that Battlebond will soon be bringing to us, and then we're going deep on the first couple of weeks of the new Standard meta, in preparation for trip to Grand Prix Birmingham this coming weekend! No Tournament Report this week as we're saving ourselves for this weekend! Our Deck of the Week of the week marches on though, it's a new twist on an old favourite: W/B Vehicles!

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    57 - Discovering Dominaria

    This week, we've got some updates to the Magic Tournament Rules to go over, as well as our first impressions of Dominaria Limited, which also includes our Tournament Report of the Prerelease. Our Deck of the Week this week serves as an update to Alan's investigations into Legacy Burn in preparation for Grand Prix Birmingham.

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    56 - A Hollow, Iron Victory

    This week, we're going through a few final interesting cards from Dominaria before the release, and talking about the latest Banned and Restricted announcement. We have another record-breaking weekend for Grand Prix, with Jessica Estephan becoming the first ever woman to win a GP, congratulations to her! We have a Modern Tournament report and our deck of the week is the deck that won GP Hartford in the hands of Matt Nass: Krark-Clan Ironworks combo! Stay tuned after the outro for the final instalment of Tallaght Timewarp!

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    55 - Flying the Weatherlight to the Moon

    We're back after a week off! This week we've each selected two cards from the Dominaria spoiler that we're most excited about, and we go over the results from the double GP this past weekend in Seattle. We give a Legacy tournament report, and our Deck of the Week is also a Legacy deck, with plenty of input from the BasicMountain himself, Patrick Sullivan.

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    54 - I Guess It's Time... To Memory

    This week, we kick things off with a discussion of the officially revealed cards of Dominaria! We go on to an absolutely epic tournament report featuring a win for one of the Skullcraic team, and after the outro we give you a taste of our card design chops!

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    53 - Mono-Green Shamrock Tribal

    This week on Skullcraic we're talking about the release and our impressions of Masters 25, and we go over the Top 8 from Modern Grand Prix Phoenix. We've got a PPTQ report featuring a very St. Patrick's-themed deck: Mono-Green Ghalta!

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    52 - The Dusky Bois are Back in Town

    This week on Skullcraic, we're talking about Dominaria leaks (don't worry, we only discuss the officially spoiled card in case you lovely listeners don't want to be spoiled) and WotC's Quick response! We give a full report of our time at Grand Prix Madrid, as well as our Deck of the Week being the deck David played at the event, courtesy of Matthew Foulkes aka YUGIOHPLAYER1942

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    51 - Jace Masters

    This week on Skullcraic, we're talking about the full spoiler for the very underwhelming Masters 25, a lot about our prep for GP Madrid, and give a Tournament Report from the weekend PPTQ! Our Deck of the Week is Mono-red Sneak Attack!

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    50 - Mastering Fifty

    It's the fiftieth episode of Skullcraic! To celebrate, we're giving away a signed Glorybringer playmat! We're talking about value-packed Challenger decklists, the future of Masters sets, as well as the latest spoilers from Masters 25! We got a post-unbanning Modern tournament report, and go over the results from GP Memphis in David's quest for a Standard deck that he doesn't hate! Stay tuned after the outro this week for the thrilling conclusion to Craickling Doom!

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    49 - Strength from the Fallen Cats

    This week on Skullcraic, we're talking about the announcement of! The latest in a line of limited-focused supplemental sets from Wizards. We go over our thoughts on the post-unbanning Modern format, and we get perhaps our biggest tournament report from a PPTQ yet, with 25% Skullcraic representation in the top 8! We also mention Reid Duke's brilliant article series about how NOT to draw yourself into 9th place. Our Deck of the Week is the eventual winner of the aforementioned PPTQ: GW Cats!

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    48 - Jace Liberated

    This week, we go over the shocking announcement of... further changes to the way Wizards is going to disseminate 5-0 decklists! Oh, and I guess some cards got unbanned in Modern too. This is fine. We give a quick tournament report from Standard and our Deck of the Week is Dan Ward's GP-winning Bogles! Stay tuned after the outro for the continuing adventures of Jess-guy and Espertron!

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    47 - Wolfe Liberated

    This week on Skullcraic, David hears back from the Judge Investigation Committee, and we also had Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan, the return of the Modern Pro Tour! Many people are hailing it as one of the most enjoyable Pro Tours in years, so could this be the start of a Golden Era of Modern coverage? Our deck of the week is one of the most interesting and newest decks from the PT: B/R Hollow One as played by Ken Yukuhiro all the way to a Top 8 finish! In other news, Wizards have reversed their decision on FNM promos at last! This week also features the return of Craickling Doom after a short hiatus.

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    46 - Azor Brought the Law and Went 4-1

    This week on Skullcraic, we're talking about unfortunate DQs in GP Houston (and how to avoid that fate yourself!), the current state of Standard, and Ciarán gives us a tournament report from his first ever Grand Prix! Our deck of the week is the breakout deck of this new Standard format: Grixis energy.

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    45 - Kitesail Corsair is Upside Down

    On this week's podcast, we dive into the Magic Arena economy, thinking about how it will work in practice and what pitfalls there could be. We've been playing a LOT of limited, so we give our impressions from a draft camp weekend hosted by some of the prominent Irish community members. We briefly touch on GP pricing before heading full speed ahead into our Deck of the Week: Standard Bogles! Stay tuned after the outro for more Craickling Doom!

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    44 - Refining Standard

    This week, it's all about the bans! Wizards have announced even more Standard bans, and they're probably pretty necessary! After our lengthy look at that, we give a Tournament Report for our prerelease weekend, and then go over some sweet brews for this new format! Stay tuned during Extra Turns for Alan's latest concoction: Craickling Doom!

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    43 - Hungry Hungry Chupacabra

    This week on Skullcraic we've got the full and complete preview of Rivals of Ixalan to pore over! Alan gives us another PPTQ report (you just can't keep that guy from making Top8!), and our deck of the week is SaffronOlive's Pirate God, with the caveat of perhaps adding a few Rivals cards! We also discuss Patrick Sullivan's rant about everyone's favourite Beast Horror, and in Extra Turns we ruminate deeply on what colour combination is etched onto our souls...

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    42 - Lording It Over Ixalan

    It's 2018 and that means it's time once again for spoiler season! We sink our teeth into some of the new cards previewed from Rivals of Ixalan, Magic's last ever(maybe) small set! David and Alan went to a PPTQ and did quite well, and our deck of the week is a lovely little rogue brew from the Magic Online 5-0 lists!

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    41 - Fairytale of New Phyrexia

    This week, we're talking about the retirement of Duel Decks, and the introduction of Challenger Decks. There's a new Rivals of Ixalan Preview card, and a new mechanic to go along with it! Alan gives us a Tournament Report from a sealed PPTQ, and our Deck of the Week is the deck that just won't die: Grixis Death's Shadow! Be sure to stay tuned after the outro for a wonderful rendition of Fairytale of New Phyrexia. Happy Holidays!

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    The Disqualification

    This episode is David's account of his disqualification from the World Magic Cup.

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    40 - World Magic Cup Prep

    On this week's Skullcraic, we talk a little bit about harassment and bullying in the Magic community in light of recent events. For a fantastic rundown and a great message, check out The Professor's video on the topic. After that, David gives an overview of his prep for the World Magic Cup, and the experience of being on a team for the first time. Our tournament report this week is Legacy (with a cameo from Pauper), and our Deck of the Week is also Legacy: Ciarán's Punishing Maverick list from this week's Legacy Challenge!

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    39 - Prey-ing for Counters

    On this week's edition of Skullcraic, we're talking even more Unstable Mechanics, new Rivals of Ixalan cards, and our anticipation of the beginning of closed Beta for MTG:Arena. All of the hosts travelled to a PPTQ this weekend, so we report on how we fared, and our Deck of the Week is Legacy Grixis Delver, which Alan played to a semifinals finish at a local Legacy event!

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    38 - An (Un)Stable Meta

    This week, we're talking about the triple Grand Prix weekend and the composition of the Top 8s across the globe! (hint: there's a lot of energy) We give a little time to Unstable but we don't go over too many cards in detail, just in case people don't want to be spoiled! We give our Standard Tournament Report and of course our Deck of the Week: Ben Stark's Desert Red!

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    37 - PT Punts

    This week on Skullcraic, we start things off with Bust-a-Booster ™, our hunt for the most likely last-picked card from a booster pack! We discuss the full reveal of the cards included in From the Vault: Arguel's Blood Fast, and then dig into all the news from Pro Tour Ixalan, from DQs to the winning list and the strangely punt-filled Top 8!

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    36 - Spooky Spoilers

    It's the end of Spooktober, so we've got a ghastly cast filled with frights and stuffed with spooks! But there's also plenty of real Magic news, with the announcement of changes to the way Grand Prix will cut to day two, as well as plenty of new promo cards for us to salivate over, including some early reveals of Rivals of Ixalan cards! We also mentioned TheMagicManSam's latest documentary: The Boogeyman (spooky!). If you're listening with kids, it might be a good idea not to let them hear the spooky story after the outro!

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    35 - ROBOT GOD

    This week we're talking about the results of Eternal Weekend, as well as the results of the latest StarCityGames Modern and Standard tournaments. The bulk of our time this week though, is taken up with our report of our local Store Invitational in Gamer's World Dublin. Our Deck of the Week is David's deck from that event: B/R Artifact aggro.

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    34 - The Stoppable David Wolfe

    This week on the podcast, one of us is going to the Magic World Cup! We take a deep dive on our Nationals Tournament Report, plus we quickly go over the latest B&R announcement, and some of the discussion on WotC not publishing enough MTGO data to keep things competitive, while simultaneously giving some pros access to data that the rest of us don't have. We also touch on the Nationals results from the US and Brazil. Stay tuned after the outro for a special edition of extra turns where Alan interviews David just after his Nationals finals finish!

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    33 - The Unstoppable Huey Jensen

    This week, we're talking about insignificant aesthetic changes, not-so-insignificant rules changes, and about how insanely good at Magic William 'Huey' Jensen is!

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    32 - Taking Standard Hostage

    On this week's episode, we're talking about policy changes, the end of Windmill Slam, ridiculous Legacy pirate decks, and the results of the first big Ixalan Standard tournament: SCG Dallas Ft. Worth. Also, there's this: John Avon Playmat Kickstarter! We have a quick tournament report and or Deck of the Week is the breakout deck of the weekend: Sultai Energy!

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    31 - Merfolk? Don't Be Coddin' Me

    In this week's edition of Skullcraic, we're talking about the potential of codes in packs, our first impressions of the Ixalan limited format, as well as our predictions and expectations for the upcoming Standard! We have a lot of limited tournaments to report, and our Deck of the Week: Ramunap "everything old is new again" Red!

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    30 - The Scarab God is Bugged

    This week, we're talking about double-faced Ixalan cards, as well as Dino-sized drafts and the Weatherlight (possibly, probably not) on Ixalan in the Magic Story! We have a modern PPTQ to report, and our deck of the week is: multiple Ixalan brews!

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    29 - Spell P-I-E-R-C-E

    On the podcast this week, we're talking about all the exciting new Ixalan cards that have been previewed, as well as the old-school-style, all-at-once spoiling of Iconic Masters at Hascon! We also had the announcement and demo of MTG: Arena, the newest digital representation of Magic! David gives a Modern tournament report and we discuss our deck of the week: 4C Energy, as played by Japanese National Champion Kenta Harane! (p.s. I saw his hand with Vendilion Clique)

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    28 - They Do Move in Herds

    This week, we've got plenty of new Ixalan previews to talk about, as well as the results from Grand Prix Turin and Grand Prix Washington DC! We report some modern shenanigans and some unlikely standard success stories, and our deck of the week is the winning deck from Turin: U/B Control! Also, stay tuned after the outro for some Triassic Trivia!

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    27 - High and Dry with the Cunning Castaway

    This week, Ixalan preview season has officially begun! Wizards confirmed the leak from a couple months ago, and previewed every card that was legible from it, including making a statement on the legal proceedings that have followed. There's a new Jace, and he comes along with a total change in the way planeswalkers are handled in the game! There was also a B&R announcement, with some changes to legacy. We give our tournament report, and our deck of the week this week is full of arcane tomfoolery!

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    25 - Wizard Mirrors

    This week we take a look at the final Commander 2017 previews, give a much-anticipated roundup about the Irish WMC team captaincy race, and get into the weeds about the Modern and Standard metagames! We have some tournaments to report from, and our deck of the week: Sultai Reanimator!

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    24 - It is Commander Time, My Dudes

    It is Commander 2017 preview season! We discuss the announcement (and only the announcement...) of MTG: Arena. A bunch of the new commander cards have been previewed already, so we give our hot takes on the ones that jump out to us. We've all been doing a lot of non-Magic stuff recently so we talk a little bit about our real-life adventures, and then we give a Game Day Tournament Report, and our Deck of the Week: U/W Approach!

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    23 - Hazoret the Heartbreaker

    Good news everyone! Mono-Red is back, and it's better than ever! This week we discuss all the high highs and low lows of Pro Tour Hour of Devastation. We also touch on the HasCon promo cards which were revealed this week, give a Modern PPTQ Tournament Report, and our Deck of the Week!

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    22 - Disappointment Island

    This week, we've got a slight update to the Standard Showdown announcements from last week, and tons of new information from SDCC on Unstable, the new Un-set coming to us this winter. We give you the rundown on our recent foray into modern, and our deck of the week is a blast from the past(aka about a year ago): U/R Prowess!

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    21 - Our Data Doesn't Support That

    A flashfire episode of Skullcraic! This week, we're talking changes to FNM, changes to the Pro Players' Club, and changes to the Pro Tour! The community had a lot of reactions about these issues. In our Deck of the Week we hit the new Mono Red list that popped up at the first SCG Open of the new format, and in our Tournament Report, Al shares his story of victory in the store league! We also mention the Hareruya Wayfinder decks that come out with every set release, and in Extra Turns we take the falvour text challenge again, and learn a little bit about the history of Bolt along the way!

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    20 - Do You Even Has, Bro?

    This week on Skullcraic, we're talking about the reduction of MTGO 5-0 daily lists down to five per day, we're talking about Legendary Cat Commanders, and we're talking about SDCC Promo Planeswalkers! Oh yeah, and this litte thing called Hour of Devastation came out on MTGO, so we give our first impressions of the HOU limited format! All this, plus our Deck of the Week is actually two decks this time, as we try our hand at brewing some new decks with HOU cards! And if you're into obscure collective nouns, stay tuned after the outro for some Extra Turns!

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    19 - There is Always a Greater Hour

    This week on Skullcraic it's the Hour of Power! We finish off our evaluation of the notable cards in the upcoming Hour of Devastation set. We give you a report from last weekend's PPTQ, and our Deck of the Week: U/W Monument! Stay tuned after the outro for an exciting instalment of Extra Credits where we hash out the characters for an incredible saturday morning Magic cartoon!

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    18 - The Hour of Glorious Spoilers

    On this week's edition of Skullcraic, we continue to plough through the Hour of Devastation Spoilers! Al placed quite highly in a PPTQ and regales us with stories of wins snatched from the jaws of defeat! Our deck of the week this week is the resurgent Green/White Tokens! You just can't keep a good Gideon down. Don't forget to stay tuned after the outro for the newly-named Extra Credits segment!

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    17 - Play Something They're Never Gonna Expect

    In the latest edition of the Skullcraic podcast we're NOT talking about the leak of the Ixalan Rare Sheet, and why we won't be talking about it! We also have the tail end of announcements from Announcement Week, such as the return of Team Pro Tours, details on the Play Design team, and official previews for Hour of Devastation! We go through all the noteworthy cards spoiled so far and give our (100% expert) opinions! The race for the Irish captaincy in the World Magic Cup is continuing to hot up, and we have a bonus flavour quiz after the credits!

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    16 - A Marvel-less Week of Announcements

    It's a Magic news bonanza! It's Announcement week this week, which means we've skipped our Tournament Report and Deck of the Week to make room for all the juicy news! New Block structure! The return of Core Sets! More Standard bannings! We're returning to Dominaria! New Un-set! All this and much more is discussed in this week's Skullcraic. Don't forget to keep listening after the credits for a bonus clip!

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    15 - Seven Mana Mind Rot

    On this week's episode we get to grips with the leaked cards from Hour of Devastation! We talk about Magic Online's 15th Anniversary, and our biggest ever tournament report with Grand Prix Amsterdam! Our Deck of the Week this week is that tournament's winning decklist: B/G Delirium piloted by none other than Lukas Blohon.

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    14- The X in the Top Right Corner

    In this week's episode we go over the latest announcement of fantastic FNM promos, the new Play Design Team, and talk a little bit about the recent Commander '17 leaks. We touch on the recent invitiation extended to Amaz for PT Kyoto, as well as a few tidbits about the Magic Story. We round out the talk with a PPTQ report, and an update to our Deck of the Week from several weeks ago: Bant Marvel!

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    13 - Ulamog Off the Top

    In this week's episode, we talk about the miraculous comeback of Marvel, the departure of Helene Bergeot from WotC, and some of the latest announcements in regards to Nationals. We give the lowdown on how our Game Day tournaments went, and as always we get to this week's Deck of the Week, another flavour of Marvel!

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    12 - Embalm That Cat!

    This week, we dive into some the changes and expansion that WotC has announced for the Magic Online Format Challenge Series, as well as going over the hullabaloo that surrounded the announcement of the online 1v1 Commander banlist. We discuss the ongoing Pro Tour Amonkhet (at the time of recording), and how we expect the metagame to develop from here on out. We have a Standard tournament report for you all, featuring some New Perspectives spice, and our Deck of the Week is one of the newest flavours of Aetherworks Marvel decks!

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    11 - So Many Crocodiles

    In this week's edition of Skullcraic, we go over our impressions of the Amonkhet limited environment in light of the draft and sealed bonanza that was GP Richmond! We touch on how the Standard meta is shaping up ahead of Pro Tour Amonkhet. We discuss the Team Series that Wizards of the Coast pioneered at PT Aether Revolt, and potential changes or improvements that could be made to the system going forward. Our tournament report this week involves Ciarán playing Legacy once again. This week's deck of the week is a spicy New Perspectives combo brew!

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    10 - A Moment of Silence for Felidar Guardian

    In this week's episode, we discuss the recent bannings in standard, and the first Star City Games Open of this standard season. We give the lowdown on the dramatic finals of our local league, as well as a Chaos Draft which we all participated in. Our Deck of the Week this week is a very sweet B/W zombies deck by Zac Caudillo which placed 14th at the SCG Open.

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    9 - Liliana is the Real Brains of the Operation

    In the latest installment of Skullcraic, we talk through all the latest Organised Play announcements, as well as giving a rundown of our experiences at the Amonkhet Prerelease. This week's Deck of the Week is a new deck that's brewing on the horizon for Amonkhet standard!

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    8 - Fight Through It!

    Another bit of a bumper episode this week as we discuss all the new spoilers from Amonkhet. We cover everything that seems noticeable and playable, and do a bit of speculation on the upcoming B&R announcement. No Tournament Report or Deck of the Week this week because there was just so much to cover in the spoilers!

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    7 - Let's Start with The Duck

    It's all Gods, Gideons, and 3-mana blue enchantments this week. In this bumper episode, we get into the Amonkhet spoilers in earnest. We've been deviating from Standard this week with a bit of Frontier and Legacy. And in our Deck of the Week, we dig into the first real "pro" decklist in Frontier, Joel Larsson's Four Horsemen, which he managed to take to an undefeated finish at a 30-person event, and which won our local Frontier event.

  60. Thumb 1520382965 artwork

    6 - Baze

    In this episode, we discuss the new Masterpiece Series: Invocations that have been revealed for the upcoming Amonkhet expansion, as well as some of the regular cards that have been previewed so far. In our tournament report, we tackle the PPTQ that we're fresh off the journey from. And finally, our deck of the week this week is... spoiler.

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    5 - Temur Tower, Savior of Standard

    In this week's episode of Skullcraic, we discuss the delay of announcement day and Sam Stoddard's latest Update on Standard. We go into Victor Fernando Silva's GP-winning Temur Tower list, and we've changed up our decks a little this week in reaction to the meta. Our deck of the week is a rogue 5-0 "Jeskai" list from the competitive Standard leagues on MTGO.

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    4 - We Put a Card in Your Card!

    In this week's episode, we discuss the release of Modern Masters 2017 Edition, including a report on the drafting we've done so far. We also ruminate over the latest Banned and Restricted announcement, as well as speculating on a leaked card from Amonkhet! In the tournament report, Alan gives us the rundown of the latest PPTQ, and finally, we devote a little bit of time to our Deck of the Week: Four-colour Saheeli! Be sure to stay tuned after the outro for a story of true Next Level Magic.

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    3 - Deck of the Week: Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

    In this week's episode David, Alan and Ciarán discuss the upcoming Banned and Restricted list announcement, as well as a tournament report on a local Frontier tournament.

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    2 - Infinite Sun Titans

    In the second episode of Skullcraic, we discuss the cards revealed for upcoming Modern Masters set, as well as a local standard tournament report, and our Deck of the Week: Mardu Ballista.

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    1 - Amonkhet Gods: Tap To Crew

    In the inaugural episode of Skullcraic, David, Alan and Ciaran take to the internet airwaves to tell you, the listener, who they are and what this podcast is all about: MAGIC!

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