Skullcraic is a weekly Magic: The Gathering digest podcast where three competitive Dublin grinders bring you a breakdown of all the latest Magic news and speculation.

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    65 - Enter the Arena

    This week on Skullcraic we're talking about Modern bans and Ravnica Allegiance! Krark-clan Ironworks has been banned in Modern, so we talk about the implications of that decision on the format. With the release of RNA we've been playing a lot of limited on Arena, so we dive into the format and give you our initial stats and impressions of how it's shaping up, as well as a look at the new Standard and what decks might be the next big thing! We're putting Tournament Reports and Deck of the Week on the backburner for the time being as there has been no announcement from WotC as to what exactly will be replacing PPTQs, so we're trying out a new segment called Enter the Arena, where we give some tips to new players who might be wanting to move from Magic Arena into paper play for the first time! This week we talk about what to expect in your first paper event, from holding your cards close to your chest to knowing that real life Magic is always best of three! If you have a question about some aspect of paper Magic, feel free to tweet or email us.

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    64 - The Podcast Reborn

    We're back! Through the magic of the internet, Skullcraic has been reborn and will be back giving your weekly dose of Magic news and tournament report through the lens of three spikes from Ireland (via Vietnam). This week we're talking about the newest spoilers from Ravnica Allegiance including our own personal Top 3's of the set. Our Tournament Report is a quick rundown of the team RPTQ that Ciaran and Alan were preparing for when last we left them, as well as a warning to the listeners to check your travel documents before you go to the airport! Our deck of the week is a spicy Grixis Control list that David has been playing to great effect in Arena ranked Bo1! There's a great write-up on the deck in the Spikes subreddit here.

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    63 - The Arrival of Horse Tribal

    This week we've got a bunch of new M19 cards to talk about, and Ciarán and Al go over their plans for the team unified RPTQ. In our deck of the week, we have a very surprising appearance of a certain Goblin...

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    62 - ...And Doesn't Stop

    This week, we've got a whole host of surprise spoilers for Core Set 2019 to go over, as well as the results from GP Copenhagen. Our Deck of the Week is B/R control, as piloted by Thoralf Severin to an 11-4 finish at Copenhagen.

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    61 - Chainwhirler Gets Moving

    This week, we're talking all about Pro Tour Dominaria, and the fact that Goblin Chainwhirler is EVERYWHERE! We start to discuss Team Alan's plans for the team unified standard RPTQ, and give a bonanza of tournament reports, including two modern tournaments and a team draft! Our Deck of the Week is UG Karn! Womp Womp.

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    60 - Pro Tour "Spaghetti Maze"

    This week, we're catching up with the latest Announcements as well as going over a few of our favourite spoilers from Battlebond. We touch on our feelings about the different formats in Magic at the moment, and our Deck of the Week is the best of both worlds, a Vintage deck with some powerful Standard cards! Stay tuned after the outro for coverage of the actual best Magic format!

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    59 - All Topdecks are Topdecks

    We're back from a brief hiatus, and we're talking all Standard, all the time (well, we actually talk about Legacy a bit too)! We go over our experiences at Grand Prix Birmingham, leading into metagame shifts and another glorious PPTQ win for Al! Our Deck of the Week is the deck that has taken the metagame by storm: the controlling, mirror-beating B/R Vehicles!

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    58 - A Standard Trifecta

    This week on Skullcraic we're talking a little about the wonderful new dual lands that Battlebond will soon be bringing to us, and then we're going deep on the first couple of weeks of the new Standard meta, in preparation for trip to Grand Prix Birmingham this coming weekend! No Tournament Report this week as we're saving ourselves for this weekend! Our Deck of the Week of the week marches on though, it's a new twist on an old favourite: W/B Vehicles!

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    57 - Discovering Dominaria

    This week, we've got some updates to the Magic Tournament Rules to go over, as well as our first impressions of Dominaria Limited, which also includes our Tournament Report of the Prerelease. Our Deck of the Week this week serves as an update to Alan's investigations into Legacy Burn in preparation for Grand Prix Birmingham.

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    56 - A Hollow, Iron Victory

    This week, we're going through a few final interesting cards from Dominaria before the release, and talking about the latest Banned and Restricted announcement. We have another record-breaking weekend for Grand Prix, with Jessica Estephan becoming the first ever woman to win a GP, congratulations to her! We have a Modern Tournament report and our deck of the week is the deck that won GP Hartford in the hands of Matt Nass: Krark-Clan Ironworks combo! Stay tuned after the outro for the final instalment of Tallaght Timewarp!

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