Skullcraic is a weekly Magic: The Gathering digest podcast where three competitive Dublin grinders bring you a breakdown of all the latest Magic news and speculation.

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    47 - Wolfe Liberated

    This week on Skullcraic, David hears back from the Judge Investigation Committee, and we also had Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan, the return of the Modern Pro Tour! Many people are hailing it as one of the most enjoyable Pro Tours in years, so could this be the start of a Golden Era of Modern coverage? Our deck of the week is one of the most interesting and newest decks from the PT: B/R Hollow One as played by Ken Yukuhiro all the way to a Top 8 finish! In other news, Wizards have reversed their decision on FNM promos at last! This week also features the return of Craickling Doom after a short hiatus.

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    46 - Azor Brought the Law and Went 4-1

    This week on Skullcraic, we're talking about unfortunate DQs in GP Houston (and how to avoid that fate yourself!), the current state of Standard, and Ciarán gives us a tournament report from his first ever Grand Prix! Our deck of the week is the breakout deck of this new Standard format: Grixis energy.

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    45 - Kitesail Corsair is Upside Down

    On this week's podcast, we dive into the Magic Arena economy, thinking about how it will work in practice and what pitfalls there could be. We've been playing a LOT of limited, so we give our impressions from a draft camp weekend hosted by some of the prominent Irish community members. We briefly touch on GP pricing before heading full speed ahead into our Deck of the Week: Standard Bogles! Stay tuned after the outro for more Craickling Doom!

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    44 - Refining Standard

    This week, it's all about the bans! Wizards have announced even more Standard bans, and they're probably pretty necessary! After our lengthy look at that, we give a Tournament Report for our prerelease weekend, and then go over some sweet brews for this new format! Stay tuned during Extra Turns for Alan's latest concoction: Craickling Doom!

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    43 - Hungry Hungry Chupacabra

    This week on Skullcraic we've got the full and complete preview of Rivals of Ixalan to pore over! Alan gives us another PPTQ report (you just can't keep that guy from making Top8!), and our deck of the week is SaffronOlive's Pirate God, with the caveat of perhaps adding a few Rivals cards! We also discuss Patrick Sullivan's rant about everyone's favourite Beast Horror, and in Extra Turns we ruminate deeply on what colour combination is etched onto our souls...

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    42 - Lording It Over Ixalan

    It's 2018 and that means it's time once again for spoiler season! We sink our teeth into some of the new cards previewed from Rivals of Ixalan, Magic's last ever(maybe) small set! David and Alan went to a PPTQ and did quite well, and our deck of the week is a lovely little rogue brew from the Magic Online 5-0 lists!

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    41 - Fairytale of New Phyrexia

    This week, we're talking about the retirement of Duel Decks, and the introduction of Challenger Decks. There's a new Rivals of Ixalan Preview card, and a new mechanic to go along with it! Alan gives us a Tournament Report from a sealed PPTQ, and our Deck of the Week is the deck that just won't die: Grixis Death's Shadow! Be sure to stay tuned after the outro for a wonderful rendition of Fairytale of New Phyrexia. Happy Holidays!

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    The Disqualification

    This episode is David's account of his disqualification from the World Magic Cup.

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    40 - World Magic Cup Prep

    On this week's Skullcraic, we talk a little bit about harassment and bullying in the Magic community in light of recent events. For a fantastic rundown and a great message, check out The Professor's video on the topic. After that, David gives an overview of his prep for the World Magic Cup, and the experience of being on a team for the first time. Our tournament report this week is Legacy (with a cameo from Pauper), and our Deck of the Week is also Legacy: Ciarán's Punishing Maverick list from this week's Legacy Challenge!

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    39 - Prey-ing for Counters

    On this week's edition of Skullcraic, we're talking even more Unstable Mechanics, new Rivals of Ixalan cards, and our anticipation of the beginning of closed Beta for MTG:Arena. All of the hosts travelled to a PPTQ this weekend, so we report on how we fared, and our Deck of the Week is Legacy Grixis Delver, which Alan played to a semifinals finish at a local Legacy event!

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