Skullcraic is a weekly Magic: The Gathering digest podcast where three competitive Dublin grinders bring you a breakdown of all the latest Magic news and speculation.

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    58 - A Standard Trifecta

    This week on Skullcraic we're talking a little about the wonderful new dual lands that Battlebond will soon be bringing to us, and then we're going deep on the first couple of weeks of the new Standard meta, in preparation for trip to Grand Prix Birmingham this coming weekend! No Tournament Report this week as we're saving ourselves for this weekend! Our Deck of the Week of the week marches on though, it's a new twist on an old favourite: W/B Vehicles!

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    57 - Discovering Dominaria

    This week, we've got some updates to the Magic Tournament Rules to go over, as well as our first impressions of Dominaria Limited, which also includes our Tournament Report of the Prerelease. Our Deck of the Week this week serves as an update to Alan's investigations into Legacy Burn in preparation for Grand Prix Birmingham.

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    56 - A Hollow, Iron Victory

    This week, we're going through a few final interesting cards from Dominaria before the release, and talking about the latest Banned and Restricted announcement. We have another record-breaking weekend for Grand Prix, with Jessica Estephan becoming the first ever woman to win a GP, congratulations to her! We have a Modern Tournament report and our deck of the week is the deck that won GP Hartford in the hands of Matt Nass: Krark-Clan Ironworks combo! Stay tuned after the outro for the final instalment of Tallaght Timewarp!

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    55 - Flying the Weatherlight to the Moon

    We're back after a week off! This week we've each selected two cards from the Dominaria spoiler that we're most excited about, and we go over the results from the double GP this past weekend in Seattle. We give a Legacy tournament report, and our Deck of the Week is also a Legacy deck, with plenty of input from the BasicMountain himself, Patrick Sullivan.

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    54 - I Guess It's Time... To Memory

    This week, we kick things off with a discussion of the officially revealed cards of Dominaria! We go on to an absolutely epic tournament report featuring a win for one of the Skullcraic team, and after the outro we give you a taste of our card design chops!

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    53 - Mono-Green Shamrock Tribal

    This week on Skullcraic we're talking about the release and our impressions of Masters 25, and we go over the Top 8 from Modern Grand Prix Phoenix. We've got a PPTQ report featuring a very St. Patrick's-themed deck: Mono-Green Ghalta!

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    52 - The Dusky Bois are Back in Town

    This week on Skullcraic, we're talking about Dominaria leaks (don't worry, we only discuss the officially spoiled card in case you lovely listeners don't want to be spoiled) and WotC's Quick response! We give a full report of our time at Grand Prix Madrid, as well as our Deck of the Week being the deck David played at the event, courtesy of Matthew Foulkes aka YUGIOHPLAYER1942

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    51 - Jace Masters

    This week on Skullcraic, we're talking about the full spoiler for the very underwhelming Masters 25, a lot about our prep for GP Madrid, and give a Tournament Report from the weekend PPTQ! Our Deck of the Week is Mono-red Sneak Attack!

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    50 - Mastering Fifty

    It's the fiftieth episode of Skullcraic! To celebrate, we're giving away a signed Glorybringer playmat! We're talking about value-packed Challenger decklists, the future of Masters sets, as well as the latest spoilers from Masters 25! We got a post-unbanning Modern tournament report, and go over the results from GP Memphis in David's quest for a Standard deck that he doesn't hate! Stay tuned after the outro this week for the thrilling conclusion to Craickling Doom!

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    49 - Strength from the Fallen Cats

    This week on Skullcraic, we're talking about the announcement of! The latest in a line of limited-focused supplemental sets from Wizards. We go over our thoughts on the post-unbanning Modern format, and we get perhaps our biggest tournament report from a PPTQ yet, with 25% Skullcraic representation in the top 8! We also mention Reid Duke's brilliant article series about how NOT to draw yourself into 9th place. Our Deck of the Week is the eventual winner of the aforementioned PPTQ: GW Cats!

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