Skullcraic is a weekly Magic: The Gathering digest podcast where three competitive Dublin grinders bring you a breakdown of all the latest Magic news and speculation.

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    40 - World Magic Cup Prep

    On this week's Skullcraic, we talk a little bit about harassment and bullying in the Magic community in light of recent events. For a fantastic rundown and a great message, check out The Professor's video on the topic. After that, David gives an overview of his prep for the World Magic Cup, and the experience of being on a team for the first time. Our tournament report this week is Legacy (with a cameo from Pauper), and our Deck of the Week is also Legacy: Ciarán's Punishing Maverick list from this week's Legacy Challenge!

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    39 - Prey-ing for Counters

    On this week's edition of Skullcraic, we're talking even more Unstable Mechanics, new Rivals of Ixalan cards, and our anticipation of the beginning of closed Beta for MTG:Arena. All of the hosts travelled to a PPTQ this weekend, so we report on how we fared, and our Deck of the Week is Legacy Grixis Delver, which Alan played to a semifinals finish at a local Legacy event!

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    38 - An (Un)Stable Meta

    This week, we're talking about the triple Grand Prix weekend and the composition of the Top 8s across the globe! (hint: there's a lot of energy) We give a little time to Unstable but we don't go over too many cards in detail, just in case people don't want to be spoiled! We give our Standard Tournament Report and of course our Deck of the Week: Ben Stark's Desert Red!

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    37 - PT Punts

    This week on Skullcraic, we start things off with Bust-a-Booster ™, our hunt for the most likely last-picked card from a booster pack! We discuss the full reveal of the cards included in From the Vault: Arguel's Blood Fast, and then dig into all the news from Pro Tour Ixalan, from DQs to the winning list and the strangely punt-filled Top 8!

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    36 - Spooky Spoilers

    It's the end of Spooktober, so we've got a ghastly cast filled with frights and stuffed with spooks! But there's also plenty of real Magic news, with the announcement of changes to the way Grand Prix will cut to day two, as well as plenty of new promo cards for us to salivate over, including some early reveals of Rivals of Ixalan cards! We also mentioned TheMagicManSam's latest documentary: The Boogeyman (spooky!). If you're listening with kids, it might be a good idea not to let them hear the spooky story after the outro!

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    35 - ROBOT GOD

    This week we're talking about the results of Eternal Weekend, as well as the results of the latest StarCityGames Modern and Standard tournaments. The bulk of our time this week though, is taken up with our report of our local Store Invitational in Gamer's World Dublin. Our Deck of the Week is David's deck from that event: B/R Artifact aggro.

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    34 - The Stoppable David Wolfe

    This week on the podcast, one of us is going to the Magic World Cup! We take a deep dive on our Nationals Tournament Report, plus we quickly go over the latest B&R announcement, and some of the discussion on WotC not publishing enough MTGO data to keep things competitive, while simultaneously giving some pros access to data that the rest of us don't have. We also touch on the Nationals results from the US and Brazil. Stay tuned after the outro for a special edition of extra turns where Alan interviews David just after his Nationals finals finish!

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    33 - The Unstoppable Huey Jensen

    This week, we're talking about insignificant aesthetic changes, not-so-insignificant rules changes, and about how insanely good at Magic William 'Huey' Jensen is!

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    32 - Taking Standard Hostage

    On this week's episode, we're talking about policy changes, the end of Windmill Slam, ridiculous Legacy pirate decks, and the results of the first big Ixalan Standard tournament: SCG Dallas Ft. Worth. Also, there's this: John Avon Playmat Kickstarter! We have a quick tournament report and or Deck of the Week is the breakout deck of the weekend: Sultai Energy!

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    31 - Merfolk? Don't Be Coddin' Me

    In this week's edition of Skullcraic, we're talking about the potential of codes in packs, our first impressions of the Ixalan limited format, as well as our predictions and expectations for the upcoming Standard! We have a lot of limited tournaments to report, and our Deck of the Week: Ramunap "everything old is new again" Red!

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